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Grzybowo and Kolobrzeg is called the pearl of Baltic Sea and is the most picturesque place in Western Pomerania. The place is known as a spa with healing properties eg. respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis as well as metabolism.

There are three advantages from which tourists are eager to use their own sources namely, mineral water and medicinal brines, peat deposits, as well as iodine-rich sea air. The varied coastline makes the water in the sea is warmer here almost the entire coastal zone.

You can also find peace and quiet on the wide and clean beaches away from the hustle and bustle. Not far from the Grzybowo is located Dźwirzyno, where commands are worthy areas located on Lake Resko of yacht harbors and surfing. This place is particularly fond of leisure activities, tourists and anglers precious species. Lake connected with the sea sailing channel, is an ideal place for those who want to practice water sports.

Staying by the sea due to its location among the virgin nature and being under the influence of the unique coastal climate provides leisure comfort.

The proximity of the resort Kolobrzeg gives you access to the comforts and attractions of a large spa town, living at the same time in the quiet resort.

The city, which much could tell, but never, never give in this way to give his real character.

 In other words, Kolobrzeg simply need to visit, and the best to visit several times a year.

It is the perfect way to recharge your batteries before the heavy tasks of everyday life. Kolobrzeg in itself calms down, puts in a unique atmosphere and gives a unique sense of freshness.